Business Efficiency & Process Optimization Consultant 

Refund Policy

Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp’s. mission is to make sure we supply ethical, fair, and diplomatic services.  I am providing services that equip the client to create peace of mind from the rain of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes. Sales are discussed and agreed upon before payment. Estimates are issued and are subject to change. If your price changes, the client is notified before any additional service above the agreed-upon time. All clients sign a Terms of Service Acknowledgement, a Scope of Service Acknowledgement and the Refund Policy Acknowledgement.  The scope of services and the terms of services will explain how I work. You have the option to purchase additional services outside the agreed-upon services but this is an additional cost and normally would be available after your first service is completed. I do not give quotes but only estimates. If you find the estimate unacceptable, you have the opportunity request to change the services or reject the estimate and decline services however I only offer what you need and I can not "skip steps" because client believe it is not relevant.  The estimates are included in the client proposal after the accounting assessment.  All new clients are required to go through the accounting assessment.  


Full payment is due before services begin.  Invoicing with payments is only considered after 1 year of being a client with timely payments.  Client must sign a promise to pay. 

No refunds on courses due to the nature of the product.

No refunds on delivered books and binders.  Binders if damaged during delivery will replaced only at the cost of shipping and refund only once the shipper refunds Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation of Fuquay Varina, NC (DBA: B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.)  

There are no refunds based on the following conditions

  • The client makes an error or fails to disclose all required information related to their services.
  • The client error causes the accountant to err.  I will assist you but it is the clients responsibility to review all information and provide full disclosure.  Withholding information that you believe is not important and it causes errors.
  • Lack of full disclosure on the client part increasing the pricing.
  • The client pretending they can not see the completed work.
  • The client pretending the work was not sufficient.  Services are met according to the Scope of Services the serves are sufficient.
  • The client changes the scope of service without discussing and signing a new scope of service acknowledgement.
  • The client does not or refuses to submit the required documents to process all accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, business and tax entries accurately.
  • The client submits documents in different systems outside of accountant client portal. The client submits a phone or voice mail or message call without documentation.  Client set via text.
  • The client violates the Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation of Fuquay Varina (DBA B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.) a NC Terms of Services.
  • The client does not complete the project after six months and fails to return contact from the representative of Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation of Fuquay Varina, NC (DBA Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.), Yaschica Michelle Coard.  The service will be terminated without refund.
  • All service hours are met but the project is not completed due to client's failure to respond and submit in a timely manner, expectation of services outside of the scope of services, no response to approve and purchase additional time, or refusal to comply with the accounting needs.
  • The client does not like the policies of Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation (DBA B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp).  The client has the option to refuse to hire Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation of Fuquay Varina, NC (DBA B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.) before payment.  All terms of services, conditions, and policies are provided to the client before the invoice is issued.  Clients can request changes or refuse service prior to payment.
  • The client does not get a tax refund.  The client is responsible for tax preparation fees to Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation of Fuquay Varina, NC. (DBA B&P Accounting Solutions Corp.) regardless if the client receives a tax refund or not.
  • The client used purchased hours for phone meetings instead of work.  (Change in the scope of services.)
  • The client is attempting to control Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation of Fuquay Varina, NC (DBA B&P Accounting Solutions Corp.) services without professional accounting knowledge.
  • The client does not follow or changes instructions, steps and directions as given for proper accounting processes.
  • The client wants favoritism.
  • The client does not use materials to assist with apply instructions, steps, and directions give for proper accounting processes.
  • The client does not like their accounting software or other software.  Client want a free software.
  • The client is trying to force entries and service but refused to summit the documents and complete the accounting steps. 
  • The client thought they hired a bookkeeping service.
  • Purchasing the course but not completing the activities. No refunds due to the nature of the courses/training guides.
  • No Show to appointments. No refunds but you may reschedule for a later date. One attempt allowed.
  • Meetings outside of my normal meeting windows of Tuesday through Thursday 1:00 - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time/New York may have interruptions due to the out of the normal block. No refund is due, no credit is due as you are aware your special request and full payment for your time is required. You may also receive an additional exception charge for this request.
  • No refunds for email consultations. If you do not use 2 questions (30 minutes) of time for the 30 day period you will receive a credit towards the next 30 day window (you must use within 6 months) or toward the purchase of one of my services.

Reversal of Payment and Disputes

A reversal of payment without contacting and following proper procedures will result in a dispute.  Clients can not reverse payments without prior discussion of terms of services and scope of services.  All disputes must be issued in writing via email or fax for review and discussion to Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation of Fuquay Varina, NC (DBA: B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.) owner, representative and independent accounting and business consultant Yaschica Michelle Coard for review.
This policy is subject to change and updates without notice.  You will also receive notification of changes for anyone that has submitted the acknowledgment.