Refund Policy

B&P Refunded Policy

Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp’s. mission is to make sure we supply ethical, fair, and diplomatic services. We are providing services that equip the client to create peace of mind from the rain of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes.

Sales are discussed and agreed upon before payment. Estimates are issued and are subject to change. If your price changes, the client is notified before any additional service above the agreed-upon time. All clients sign a Terms of Service agreement. The Terms of Services Agreement will explain how I work. You have the option to purchase additional services outside the agreed-upon services.

I do not give quotes but only estimates. If you find the estimate unacceptable, you have the opportunity to change the services or reject the estimate.

If you approve of the estimate you will receive the Terms of Services that states you understand the following:

  1. The Terms of Services
  2. The Terms and Conditions
  3. The estimate can change, but you will be notified before any additional invoices are issued
  4. Full Disclosure on your part is essential to an accurate estimate.
  5. You understand the Refund Policy

Full payment is due before services begin in most cases. If you do receive a payment plan, 1/2 is due before services begin, and 1/2 is due halfway through. Services stop if you refuse to pay the remaining balance, and service will not be completed until payment is received. You cannot request a discount after the pricing is in agreement. However, a discount may be issued instead of a refund if it determined for your case. Refunds are determined on a case by case basis. If you are due a refund, the refund will be processed for you.

There will be no refunds based on the following conditions:

  1. The client makes an error or fails to disclose all required information related to their services thoroughly.
  2. Client error causes the accountant to err. An accountant can assist the client in using our systems, but it is the client's responsibility to review all information. An accountant is not responsible for detecting errors on the client's part.
  3. The client did not understand how the virtual accounting process works. An accountant will walk you through the process; however, if you are resistant, it is not the accountant's responsibility if an error occurs on the client's part. Inform your accountant upfront during the interview process that you would like to mail in your documents, email the support system, or fax in your documents. B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. does not provide face to face meetings. You may want a different tax preparation or accounting firm if you prefer an in-person meeting. (video calls are available to all clients depending on the schedule.)
  4. The client does not or refuses to submit the required documents to process all accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, business, and tax services accurately.
  5. Violations of the Terms of Services Agreements.
  6. The client does not complete the project after six months and fails to return contact from representatives of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp., whether or not the service(s) are completed.
  7. All service hours are met, but the project is not completed due to client failure to submit requested required information and documentation.
  8. The client doesn't like a policy. The client has the option to refuse to hire B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. before payment. All terms of services, conditions, and policies are provided to the client before the invoice is issued -requested changes before the Terms of Service. The client cannot withhold payment without prior discussion or request a refund.
  9. The client doesn't get a tax refund. You are responsible for tax preparation fees to Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. (DBA: B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.) regardless if you receive a refund of not.
  10. The client determines they don't like the final services, but all hours are used. The client has the option to purchase additional services if the outcome is not what the client expects


All Course sales are final. No refunds.

Reversals and Disputes

Client(s) cannot reverse charges/payments without prior discussion of terms of services. All disputes must be issued in writing via email or fax for review and discussion to Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. president Yaschica Michelle Coard. A virtual meeting or call will be scheduled to discuss any issues between Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. representatives, and clients.