Business Efficiency & Process Optimization Consultant 
  • Online Line Self-Paced Training Course with Everyday lingo to help business owners from all walks of life.  You do not have to be a college scholar or experienced business owner to benefit from my courses.  Experience business owners will also find the clarification of the process very informative.  If you have a desire to learn how to improve your business management and increase profits based on the light of YAH you are in the right place.  Learn more by clicking the button "Go to Guides Page for BP Ask The Accountant Learning Center." 
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  • Accounting Assessment.  What is the accounting assessment you may ask?  
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  • Business Process Optimization
Business Process Optimization Learn More
  • Ask The Accountant Email Question. Do you have questions about your accounting processes? Perhaps are you considering making changes in your business and wonder about taxes or how other federal, state, and local reporting? Do you have question about a new business idea and how to implement. I offer email responses to 2 questions that take less than 15 minutes of research. The email response is the deliverable. If you would like hands on service or a more detailed request you may schedule and purchase consultations or enter a service request. Your purchase is valid for a month from the day of purchase. You will have to make a new purchase after the expiration.  Learn more before you buy:  B&P ATA Email Blog Post.
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