Accounting & Business Optimization Processes Specialist 
What is an accounting assessment?  Why do I need one because I understand bookkeeping?

Exactly because bookkeeping is more complex than people think.  Accounting is not a fancy term for bookkeeping.  Accounting is more than bookkeeping.  I require an accounting assessment to clarify the requirement and benefits of accounting.  We do not have short cuts in accounting but we can create processes that make will create routines that become part of your daily tasks.

An Accounting Assessment is Required for the Follow Services

  • Accounting Software Setup
  • Accounting Software Review
  • Accounting Software Training
  • Accounting Software Cleanup
  • Accounting Software Updates
Most people request service and believe it will only take "15 minutes or 1 hour" maybe.  A gross underestimate and disregard for the technical and skill it takes in accounting.  I know it sounds nice after all "what is software for these days?"  We must follow steps as accounting is a skilled and technical process.  The process is foundational so you build on to foundation steps and routines to create more proficient and efficient routines.  I like to call routines (rooting).  We have to set roots that support what we do on a daily basis.  We must create an accurate file.   We must follow steps as accounting is a skilled process.  We want more than a historical data storage file.

Your bookkeeper is also more than a data entry operator.  If you want someone to record receipts you can hire a bookkeeping service.  Neither have bookkeeping technical experience.  A bookkeeper is also not an accountant.  Read more about what I do on this blog:  Accounting or Financing Clearing the Confusion.  

An accounting assessment will allow me an opportunity to sit with you for an hour and a half and explain and show you what needs to happen.  I will also give you a follow up write-up.  Since this meeting and the following proposal will show you the importance of accounting and the steps it is a service and your deliverable.  I do not give away what I sell otherwise why am I in business?  You can take the proposal and implement the recommendations or hire someone else.  You can also hire me for a separate fee from this accounting assessment.  Read more about the terms of services here:  Accounting Terms of Services

Your Deliverable

I will review your current accounting needs for your business.  Each business is different so this is an accounting strategy plan for you.  I will show you how to implement what you need.  We will cover the following areas.
  • Review your accounting software to help you accomplish your goals and needs.
  • Help you reach faster reporting for better business stewardship.
  • Help you create and consider a budget.
  • Help you create reporting for better compliance.
  • I will assess, compile, and give you the information you need to properly setup accounting, bookkeeping, or fix current software issues.

Your Purchase Options

Appointment Only $245.00
Appointment with Proposal $475.00
Appointment with Proposal and Access to the Accounting Implementation Course - $625.00