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Organization and maximizing your accounting business processes are key to increasing profits and creating a sustainable business. Watch this video buy clicking anywhere within the green or video area.

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My calling as an OZARA is more than what people know as accounting today. Working in the accounting field I began to notice that people worked with problems that they could have solved. Many people are afraid that creating systems that use tools to help free up redundant tasks and to make and take the time to train and use software that helps to create more efficient processes would help them become more productive but they fear job security. Many people are also comfortable with the old way of doing things and that is fine but you cannot pull everyone with you.

While observing this phenomenon I noticed that people realized there had to be a better way of doing things to accelerate production without reducing quality but many did not know how. I understand many people do not have the gifts or should I say the time to learn about software. Again that is fine but again you cannot expect everyone else to follow your lead. So deep inside I began to see how things would fit together to make a business more efficient, organized, and productive. I can see how a small business owner can create and earn profit in their business. The business owners need one big change...consistency. I know consistency is hard and for some people they get board because the feeling of something new is fun for them. But always jumping ship to ship as in app to app or process to process or no processes is costly.


An OZARA is a steward and a defender of profits. I defend profit by helping you find the holes that leak money away and weapons formed to take down our businesses. We are seers that spot weapons. My negotiator series is a great example of a defense and I have more coming. Our people point people back to a firm foundation in the light. So we do more than operate like the world. We walk in YARAH and this is shown in the work of our hands. We have skills, talents, and gifts for service unto YAH, service to our families, and services (including production) creating or sale of products for a living. Managing our business is our responsibility as well and we help business owners learn and implement action items that optimize business processes. I am going to introduce you to some OABARAYAMA (original Hebrew)  A SADA is a leveling of a field to prepare the land for crops or setting up of a structure. A MASADAHA is one that prepares the field. SAHADA is one that give a testimony (accounting) of one to standards, the standards of YAH by laying a record of foundation of truth. YASADA a counselor for the people of YAH.

Defending profits in YARAH is what a successful business of YAH desires. Happy is one that walks the straight and narrow. ASARA is one that binds others YAH the strong power and order. The ARA of YAH is the light and the DARA is the cyclical process considered order. The two words together is where we get order. ARDARA. Order is peace of mind and strength in obedience. YAH said he will bless the work of our hands when we walk in his YARAH.


Business optimization equates to getting our business in order. My goal is to help you understand business efficiency and processes that will help you to best manage your business and increase profits. I will work with you to understand how to create processes that protect your business without working according to common business practices that lead the world business owners to close and lead them away from YARAH.

One of the reasons I let go of bookkeeping and tax preparation is because it was smoothing me to see there is a better way to do things and people are stuck in bad habits of the past. Many complaining but most failing to make change. Having a productive and efficient workflow is rewarding and fulfilling. I enjoy business ownership even when it is scary moments but I know and trust my leader and guide YAH. If you are ready to walk out the trust of the Highest YAH you are ready to get your house in order.

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Start with the Business Process An consultation or get the Accounting Implementation Course and the Pricing Guide Course. Learn more and plan to prepare your business for productive, sustainable, efficient and productive accounting processes. Look for a totally different way to serve the Highest YAH the way we did from the beginning. Let go of religious preconceived notions because this is not religion. You do not give away your business services and products to be considered "holy" stop letting religious lies kill our profits. Instead we learn to create fair and profitable honest business practices.

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