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The Prosperity Theology versus The Hell and Damnation Theology

Last week I covered rebuking the devourer and tithing. Many people will not discuss tithing. The Holy Spirit lead me to past prosperity teachings that I had not heard. I grew up hearing the “hell and damnation” sermons. The sermons that said we were going to hell if we even breathed the wrong way. Listen

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About God’s Business: Walking With God Part 2

(Listen to the podcast at the bottom of the page) If walking with God was easy, everyone would follow God without question. But the walk with God will not always flow with an immediate abundance of money or resource. The majority of us will have to do the work first. I believed that when we

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One Of The Top Millionaire Money Habits

Many business owners do not know the full advantages of having an accountant because most people believe accounting is only bookkeeping. After leaving school and working in the field, I learned it’s more important to be proactive instead of reactive as an accountant. Discussing our financial ideas with an accountant is one of the top

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How To Give Free Resources and Have Cash Flow

How many of us think, “what’s the catch?” when we see “Free.” And many business owners loath the clients who always try to get something for free (the poverty mindset).  But you can give free resources and have cash flow.  I have the heart of a giver but I did not know that there was

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Money and the Fog of Distractions

Distractions are often a word I hear many people laugh at and then sigh. We lose focus because the fog begins to set in obstructing our view. Many things continue to pop up that seem to be out of our control.  Expenses out of the blue.  More unexpected than expected. I wonder…are those things really

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