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About God’s Business: Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants and Taxes

Last week, I spoke about charismatics and religion in business. I covered the topic to remind us how important it is to invite God into our business. A Christ-centered business means the Holy Spirit leads us. However, the order of religion is essential as well. We are to operate in the middle. How so you

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About God’s Business: Family and Work are Equally Important God Assignments

Do you often worry if you are working enough?  Or do you worry if you are spending enough time with your family?  Have you ever felt you weren’t performing important work if it did not yield a cash payment?  There’s a greater reward for taking care of our families and others.  1 Timothy 5:8 NIV- Anyone

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One Of The Top Millionaire Money Habits

Many business owners do not know the full advantages of having an accountant because most people believe accounting is only bookkeeping. After leaving school and working in the field, I learned it’s more important to be proactive instead of reactive as an accountant. Discussing our financial ideas with an accountant is one of the top

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About God’s Business- Power Over Money and The Fog of Distractions

Power over the fog of distractions can feel like freedom.  Receiving clarity in other words! Distractions can steal many resources that we need for completing our God assignments. I believe many of us believe it has to be this way but we have power and authority over this situation. If we believe we are powerless

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Financial Strategies and Multiple Streams of Income

When creating multiple streams of income, most people focus on revenue only. In other words, “How much can I earn?” And many of them miss the mark and create distractions and money drains instead. Having multiple streams of income is important. Wisdom directs us to prepare for uncertainties of life or do not put all

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