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About God’s Business: Does It Matter From Who We Receive Money and Who We Support? Part 2

April ends the tax season, and this is the time of year that I begin to think about the things I need to do to prepare for the rest of the year. I will start with reviewing the people I would like to work with going forward. How we select the people we work with

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Does It Matter From Who We Receive Money and Who We Support?

 Topic: Do you believe it matters how we earn our money? Should we accept money from those who earn money via unethical practices? Or does it matter who we invest our money resources? What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts! http://ow.ly/i/EcbRf Today, I cover my thoughts and some biblical incites regarding

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The Prosperity Theology versus The Hell and Damnation Theology

Last week I covered rebuking the devourer and tithing. Many people will not discuss tithing. The Holy Spirit lead me to past prosperity teachings that I had not heard. I grew up hearing the “hell and damnation” sermons. The sermons that said we were going to hell if we even breathed the wrong way. Listen

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About God’s Business: Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants and Taxes

Last week, I spoke about charismatics and religion in business. I covered the topic to remind us how important it is to invite God into our business. A Christ-centered business means the Holy Spirit leads us. However, the order of religion is essential as well. We are to operate in the middle. How so you

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About God’s Business: Charismatic and the Spirit of Religion in Business

In Today’s podcast, we will touch on Charismatic and the spirit of religion. Finding that middle ground between extreme Charismatic and religion is an important balance to unlock the Kingdom economy. However, do we need the what religion represents, minus the extreme? And what about the Charismatic movement? Do we need this without the extreme?

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About God’s Business: Walking With God Is Not Easy

If walking with God was easy, everyone would follow God without question. But the walk with God will not always flow with an immediate abundance of money or resource. The majority of us will have to do the work first. I believed when we follow God everything would go right. We should see “fruit” manifest

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