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About God’s Business Podcast: Serving YAH, A Daughters Service

Podcast is at the bottom of the page. You can watch the video lesson on Youtube.  The podcast recording has additional information and expansion on the topic.  Financial examples included.  We live in a world that feminism is trying to drag every woman with them by stronghold arguments of what it looks like to be

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About God’s Business: Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants and Taxes

Last week, I spoke about charismatics and religion in business. I covered the topic to remind us how important it is to invite God into our business. A Christ-centered business means the Holy Spirit leads us. However, the order of religion is essential as well. We are to operate in the middle. How so you

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Seek God’s Favor In Your Finances

I remember when I did not seek God’s favor in finances. Instead, I tried to carry it all on my own. And as the head of household and a sole entrepreneur in my own company, the responsibilities became more than I could handle. “If we seek good we find favor with God.” Proverbs 11:2 NIV.

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