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The Accounting Assessment Terms of Service

Reference the "General Terms of Services" for the primary terms.


The accounting assessment is an hour and a half meeting ( 1 hour and 30 minutes) to create a proposal and solutions for your accounting needs in business process optimization. I am not a bookkeeper and I do not provide bookkeeping services. The accounting assessment is a meeting/consultation/service to discuss your business, your business goals, and your accounting needs and to take action by implementing findings. If you are requesting software setup I will need you to share your screen with the software. Do not give me access or add me as a user unless in your software unless you hire me upon purchase of the implementation of services need and determined in the accounting assessment.

An accounting assessment is an opportunity for us to see what is needed to implement or update your current accounting processes and procedures. The accounting assessment is a meeting that will show you the client that not all accountants make up what you need. I do not makeup service for money as time is money.

Your Deliverable

Your deliverable for this service is the meeting/consultation and the write-up that you will receive as in a proposal of services. The proposal will include the summary and solution to what we discussed or anything I may have noticed after the meeting as well as including researched topics that I had to follow up with after the meeting. You may purchase my services or hire someone else to complete the work using the proposal that I will give to you. You may also find my accounting implementation course helpful as well.

Services or Implementation

Services are a separate purchase. If you would like to hire me to perform the work in the proposal that is a separate fee. Software setup requires a minimum of 10 hours of purchase. You will be notified when we go over and if we need more time.

Scope of Services

Your proposal is not set in stone. If you reveal additional information after hiring me for services this could change the proposal now considered the scope of services. Therefore you may need more than 10 hours. I can give you an example of someone that was trying to control my cost and see if they can get free services told me they only have 3 bank accounts when they have 10. Some people will not reveal the number of transactions they actually have or that they do not have all of their documents. Many people do not understand merchant accounts and that matters. Some want to add in additional years after the agreement. Therefore full disclosure is required for me to give you an accurate price. Some track invoices in another software so reconciling and matching payments will require more time for the invoice to be properly added in for matching. Some want vendor payments set up but the history is not in their documents. Bank downloads are not enough. And no I will not skip steps to setup up your software and accounting processes.


Accounting is a process and most people think it is just getting the data in the books. Getting the data in the books is a major piece but how you get that data in the books is extremely important as well. Just because you import the information does not mean it is correct. The accounting assessment will help to get you started with accounting procedures that work and how to make your accounting software part of a system that will help you steer your business into profitability and sustainability for the long run.

See the refund policy: Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation Refund Policy Page

Yaschica Michelle Coard

Owner/Independent Accounting & Business Consultant and Specialist in Accounting.


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