Business Efficiency & Process Optimization Consultant 

The Business Process and Efficiency Terms of Services

Reference the "General Terms of Services" for the primary terms.


We will meet for an hour and a half ( 1 hour and 30 minutes). In the meeting, we will create a proposal and solutions for your business process optimization and efficiency needs and goals. I am not a bookkeeper and I do not provide bookkeeping services. I provide training for you to set up your software and maintenance. If you are requesting software setup I will need you to share your screen with the software. Do not give me access or add me as a user in your software. You will give me access if you hire me to complete the software system setup of services.

The Purpose of this appointment

A business process optimization appointment is an opportunity for us to see what is needed to implement or update your current business management processes and procedures with software.

  1. We will discuss your business.
  2. We will discuss your business goals.
  3. We will discuss your business management needs.
  4. We will hit hard points to see where you can improve.
  5. We will look at what is working.
  6. We will review your current systems and software to determine the correct applications that will work for you.
  7. We will draft a plan of action.

By identifying how to optimize your business process we will build efficiency in your business. Business efficiency is essential to increasing a profitable and sustainable business.

Your deliverable

Your deliverable for this service is the meeting/consultation. You will receive a follow-up that you will receive as in a proposal of services.

The Proposal

The proposal will include

  1. The summary and solution to what we discussed.
  2. I will include additional information I may have noticed after the meeting.
  3. Researched topics that I followed up with after the meeting.

Services or Implementation

Services are a separate purchase from this appointment/meeting/consultation. There is a separate fee If you would like to hire me to perform the work in the proposal. Software, processes, and workflow setup requires a minimum of 10 hours of purchase. If the project will take more than 10 hours I will notify you. However, with full disclosure, I can give you the best estimate. I do not like going over my estimate. As I also account for other projects. So that is not something I bank on doing. You may hire someone else to complete the work using the proposal that I will give to you. You may also find my accounting implementation course helpful as well. Or my Pricing Course may benefit you.

Scope of services

Your proposal is not set in stone. If you reveal additional information after hiring me for services this could change the proposal now considering the scope of services. Therefore you may need more than 10 hours. I can give you an example of someone that was trying to control my cost and see if they can get free services. He told me he only had 3 bank accounts when they have 10. He also attempted to change the scope of services by adding things into the work. Setting up complimentary systems for your workflows and processes may require historical data to set up accurate information.

Note ignoring the Terms of Services, Refund Policy, Scope of Services, and going outside of the agreement or my processes will result in your termination as a client without a refund. Also, note that treating me like an employee by attempting to control my time and pay is a violation of labor laws and policies. I am a consultant, not an employee. If you attempt to change the scope of services your price will double plus an additional fee. You will need to pay for the taxes you should match as an employer. And for the loss of other income from my other clients.

See the refund policy: Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation Refund Policy Page

Yaschica Michelle Coard, B.A.S & A.A.S in Accounting

Independent Business Efficiency and Process Optimization Consultant


All calls are paid meetings. Phone: (910) 374-0678. Email questions or submit them to the client support page, use the contact page, or leave a message on the chat feature.