Business Efficiency & Process Optimization Consultant 

General Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation to work with on your business journey.

I will work with you on accounting and business processes that optimize your business processes. Accounting is the heart of your business. I will not recreate past entries known as bookkeeping today but I will work with you and train you on how to create and manage an accounting process to help you increase your net profit. I am not a marketer so my services will not include marketing.

Document Submission

The documents I request are required for the setup and review of your accounting software or related services. I request what I need and that is required for setting up or cleaning up an accounting file. Therefore all document requests will be sent via my client portal and ticket system that will come via email. You will find it easier to log into the client portal to review your tickets. Please provide detailed information for your transactions as I will not guess. No accountants do not automatically know your type of transactions and bank statements. Although required for accounting setup and review as bank reconciliations will not provide enough detail to each transaction.

I work with you the client to set up and maintain accurate books (I do not do bookkeeping and you do not have to either because I will provide accounting processes that will complete the bookkeeping tasks for you) that will give us a proactive way of stewarding or steering your business. Accounting reports help us to monitor the pulse of your business but without an accurate setup with accurate documents like receipts, invoices, bills, and other source documents we (you and I) can not accurately set up a system that works for you. I know most people tell you the accounting software will handle bookkeeping automatically but this is not true without front-end accounting procedures. Learn more on my blogs about automation.

Full Disclosure

Full disclosure is required for me to provide the best and most accurate services. Please share your business operations and plans as this will help me help you stay within standards as well as help you best steward your business. I am a Co-pilot and normally telling me something after the fact makes it harder to help you weigh the tax impact and create a vision with the implementation (take action) of business processes that will best serve you and help you maintain and increase net profits. Full disclosure will also drastically reduce errors. If you decide something is not important and you receive issues down the road as in penalties and interest all responsibility is on you. I am not responsible for something you did not share or understand. Also please notify me months in advance of major changes such as starting a new business when at all possible or adding to your business. Major changes take time and need the procedure for proper navigation.


Appointments are paid only as appointments are consultations. Consultations are a service that I sell so they are paid. There are occasions that I will offer free appointments but this is not the norm. Appointments are working services and therefore require payment. All calls will end at the end of your time frame. Training appointments are separate appointments and I will not squeeze those into other appointments. If you want to learn a process purchase a training session or sessions. Appointments are available a week in advance as I can not accommodate surprised appointments and calls.


You will receive one free email question a month that does not require research. If I need to research a matter you will need to request a service.

Client Portal

Services are added to and updated via the client portal. You can find our documentation and links as well as passwords inside the client portal. I do not work with other applications so please communicate via email to or via your ticket on the help desk. You can reset your own password as I do not manage this feature so you can log in as needed including outside the client hours of contact. You can access your documents and previous or closed tickets as well as open or on hold. You will find and can make comments with the portal.

Fees and Payments

You will have access to pay your invoices through a second client portal for invoices. You can view your invoices, estimates, and statements, update your payment method, and pay open invoices. You can also communicate via the invoice portal.

All payments are due according to the due date. A late payment fee of $3.00 will be added to your invoice every 7 days. You will incur a $35.00 late fee each month added to your invoice until paid. If the invoice charges off after 3 months for non-payment your services will terminate and you will not be eligible for future services. Also, your payment history will be available for reference. Please note I offer bill management procedures (purchase a training consultation to learn more) that will help best manage your payments to your vendors. I am your vendor so managing your other payments will ensure your payment to me is timely.

You must sign an owner's agreement to pay if you are eligible for payments. Normally after one year of consistent payments, you may qualify for payments and invoicing after service. All accounting books set up and clean up require an accounting assessment. If you choose to hire me after the accounting assessment an additional purchase of at least 10 hours in full is required upfront to provide the services needed to be determined in our accounting assessment meeting. All business owners including new business owners with "limited" transactions need at least 10 hours of work. Once we reach the 10 hours of work you will receive a notification if more time is required due to your requests. An accounting assessment is required to help me review and show you the work that is needed for your service. The accounting assessment is an upfront fee with one meeting. Review the accounting assessment terms of services.

Scope of Services

Your scope of services is individual to you the owner and you will receive that in an email for you to acknowledge the service scope outline prior to invoicing. All new and returning clients will need to purchase an accounting assessment appointment before moving forward. No negotiations. Note ignoring the Terms of Services, Refund Policy, Scope of Services, and going outside of the agreement or my processes will result in your termination as a client without a refund. Also, note that attempting to control my time and pay is a reflection of you attempting to treat me as an employee. I am a consultant, not an employee and in so doing your price will double plus an additional fee to pay for the taxes you should match as an employer and for the loss of other income from my other clients.


Honesty is required for both parties. I say what I mean and I mean what I say and expect that from clients as well. Honesty will also maximize your time and your money and improve the quality of services that I can provide to you.


Client hours of contact are Tuesday through Thursday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm EST or EDT except when closed. All calls and appointments are paid appointments scheduled at least a week in advance although my schedule may be closed for some weeks you can use the calendar on the home page to purchase and schedule consultations the time conversion is available. I am virtual and I work with clients in different time zones and states.

Virtual Accountant

I work online and meet via online meeting applications. I do not meet in person. However online meetings are beneficial as it gives a private and quiet space to work without travel. I can also work with clients in many different states and cities opening my services to many people.


See the tax terms of services

Online Guides (Courses)

All courses are online via my training center. See the course terms of services page.

Accounting Assessments

See the accounting Assessments terms of service.

See the refund policy: Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation Refund Policy Page

Yaschica Michelle Coard

Owner/Independent Accounting & Business Consultant and Specialist in Accounting.

email: or send a message via the contact page.

All calls are paid meetings. Phone: (910) 292-9397 email questions or submit to the client support page.

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