Accounting & Business Optimization Processes Specialist 

Please also review the "General Terms of Services."

Appointments are consultations therefore you are charged for consultations and all appointments. Appointments are separate from services performed. I do not offer free calls. Calls, multiple emails, and online meetings are consultations and require a fee. You may comment on tickets and or send quick messages however questions that require more information will need a paid appointment/consultation. Updates regarding your services are via email as this information requires documentation. If you would also like to receive updates via a call you will need to purchase an appointment.

All Meetings are Online (Meeting Software) or Phone Calls, No In-Person Meetings

Online Meetings only using my online meeting software. You can access online meetings via mobile devices or computers. You can also call into the meeting if needed. Phone meetings or calls are paid appointments as well.

Your Deliverable

Meetings are recorded for reference. Meetings are to discuss and clarify your expectations and goals but will not include training. You must purchase the training meeting for training on accounting, business process and action as in "how-to", and software training. Strategy and planning calls are also consultations and therefore are paid meetings/calls. The meeting is your deliverable. You will also receive an email follow-up to summarize the meeting/call. I include a recommendation of services you need in the email follow-up. If you would like or need a more intensive meeting with an accounting plan the accounting assessment is for you.

Missed Appointments

If you miss your appointment without notice no refunds for no-shows. You will have the option to reschedule.

Schedule and Plan

All appointments are scheduled a week in advance. All meetings will stay within your time frame. I will rarely give an hour meeting if you purchased a 15-minute meeting. I am unable to accommodate unplanned, unscheduled, unpaid meetings as these things damage our net profits. Time is money. I know sometimes we think something is an emergency but in all honesty, most people are last minute. I can not accommodate last-minute service requests and rushing. Please plan accordingly as I have a workflow. Please be respectful of my time and other people as I serve multiple clients as a business owner.

Payment Due at Scheduling

You will need to schedule and pay for the meeting before the meeting. If you have an unpaid meeting I will cancel the meeting. Payment is due before the meeting.

I am currently phasing out special pricing so please use the calendar to purchase an appointment. I will have the points we need to cover so we stay within your time frame. Keep questions within the time frame or you may schedule another appointment time frame. Breaking things up is often better than an overload in one meeting.

Congratulations on taking steps towards learning more about the heart of your business. The heart of your business is accounting! I look forward to meeting with you.

See the refund policy: Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation Refund Policy Page

Yaschica Michelle Coard

Owner/Independent Accounting & Business Consultant and Specialist in Accounting.


All calls are paid meetings.  Phone: (919) 374-0678  email questions or submit to the client support page. You can also leave a message on the Contact page or leave a message through the chat feature