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Terms of Services for Courses/Training Modules

Also, see the "General Terms of Services."

Thank you for choosing Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. to assist you with your accounting and tax needs. Also, reference the general terms of services.

All videos are made for learning purposes and not for entertainment purposes.  The quality of the video is based on the best learning experience.

Ethics Statement is Required

I do not believe in wasting time. Complete the Ethics Statement first before you continue with the terms of services. If you can not sign the ethics statements then this is not a good fit for you so do not continue with the Terms of Services.

Online Training Courses

All courses are made available via my online training center.  The client cannot share this course with any other person. (home or business online or off-line).  All copies of the course must be purchased.  If you want to share with others purchase copies for each user.  If you share without purchasing, you are stealing and violating ethical, spiritual, and copyright laws.  Unauthorized access to Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.'s online products and services may give rise to a claim for damages or be a criminal offense. 

Your Deliverable

You will receive access to all the course lessons.  Each course contains videos, worksheets, and quizzes, with copies of your completed worksheets delivered to you via email.  All videos, documents, forms, quizzes, and audio are copy-righted materials and reproduction and sharing are not allowed.  Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. owns the right to all materials and products.  All additions or enhancements to our materials or derivative, the forgoing, including any intellectual property rights therein.  Nothing in these Terms transfers or conveys to any ownership interest in all Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation.  Programs are services to you.  Any reproduction or recording is expressly prohibited.  The virtual nature of this product and service may include a feature that allows audio and materials exchanged to be recorded but does not record or screen record or make any recording for duplication to give away or sell.  By purchasing my webinars, you automatically consent to those recordings.  If you do not consent to record, please contact me at, before you attend a live session.

You may have to configure some software settings to properly view the course materials on your computers or devices.  Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation. is not responsible for the use of the third-party software if applicable.  You are responsible for taking the opportunity to use these resources for learning.

You are responsible for the implementation of the skills learned from the course. The course is an accounting course for business owners, while it includes some bookkeeping training, accounting is more than bookkeeping. We (you and I) will cover various aspects of accounting as well as taxes. We will also cover the best business practices in general to create a more sustainable and profitable business.

Each course is designed to train you with accounting practices as well as how to use Zoho Books for your accounting.  Some courses have examples using QuickBooks.  However, the courses are driven by accounting and business principles for building a profitable and sustainable business regardless of your software.  You are not required to have specific accounting software to learn from my courses. 

The worksheets are set up as online forms for better online collaboration. My courses are designed to help you, the business owner, learn the proper skills of accounting. The courses are for hands-on business owners. You are welcome to learn the material and understand accounting and then you can delegate.     

My courses are different as they are tools to help me help you set up your accounting processes for hands-on business owners.  Fees The fees for the course are set based on the value of expertise, experience, and  beneficial information that you need for your business. No negotiation the fees are fairly and properly calculated for the best price.

Fees and Refunds

I have collected and created this information over a period of 20-plus years. No negotiations period stop. No refunds due to the nature of the courses. Reversing charges without discussion or period is a violation of these terms of services and your action will be disputed. Discuss any issues you have before making the purchase as this is the purpose of the client interview to determine if this is a good fit. If you signed up without the client interview the terms of services still apply and no refund.

Review the refund policy here: B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp Refund Policy Page

The training course is for you to implement and complete.  If you would like to hire me to complete the work first sign up for the accounting assessment.  I will not accept a service request without payment.


Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.'s business open hours to clients and the public are Tuesday through Thursday 1-5 pm EDT except for Feast Days and Weeks of YHWH.  I am closed on weekends and evenings.  Closed on Saturdays and Feast Days and Weeks.  Calls and emails will be returned during client hours of contact. However, this may be longer during tax season and my off-season, but you are important, and you will receive a response.  All meetings will need to be scheduled with payment.  Payment is due prior to the meeting.   

Upon Work Completion

Once you complete all the requirements you can schedule additional individual appointments as needed.  Appointments are a separate fee from the purchase of the course. Your participation in Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corporation online products and services, and these terms of services and conditions are governed by the government and power of YHWH and the laws of the state of North Carolina and the Federal laws.  Any claims or causes of action arising out of Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp products, or services are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of and venue in the state and federal courts located in Wake County, North Carolina.

Yaschica Michelle Coard

Owner/Independent Accounting & Business Consultant and Specialist in Accounting.


All calls are paid meetings. Phone: (910) 292-9397 email questions or submit them to the client support page. Note ignoring the Terms of Services, Refund Policy, Scope of Services, and going outside of the agreement or my processes will result in your termination as a client without a refund. Also, note that attempting to control my time and pay is a reflection of you attempting to treat me as an employee. I am a consultant, not an employee and in so doing your price will double plus an additional fee to pay for the taxes you should match as an employer and for the loss of other income from my other clients.

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