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What is a Zoho Partner? A Zoho Partner is an accountant that has worked with Zoho Financial Suite for at least a couple of years. We work to help business owners set up their Zoho Books and learn how to use your business software. We do not work for Zoho, but we are individual business owners with Zoho Experience. I am a trained accountant, and I help you apply the accounting principles and standards to your software and how to use the software. If you need to know how Zoho works for your business, I can assist you.

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Why Choose Zoho

Zoho Receivables Management
Invoicing and payment tracking features are great! I love that I can check the status of my invoices in one location. I can send out auto-reminders for unpaid invoices, and clients can respond. I don't need an outside receivable management company or an internal person. I can log in at any time or use the application on my phone to see paid invoices.
Zoho for One Central Accounting Hub
Accounting software is one central hub for all your data. Do you have different accounts and platforms? I like how Zoho Books has various options for different connections. You can connect different merchant accounts and bank accounts into one software. Although I have multiple platforms, I don't have to log into each one frequently.